Dead rising 3

Dead Rising 3 Announced Exclusively For Xbox One At E3

Josh Bridge and Mike Jones of Capcom Vancouver seemed happy to announce Dead Rising 3, the ‘Ultimate open world, zombie game’, exclusively for the Xbox One.

This game sees our hero, Nick Ramos (a mechanic, from the looks of it) beating the heck out of undead using whatever he can find, in true Dead Rising style. The game boasts a rich, open world with NO load times and the city has the same density as a real life city.

What’s more, as well as using whatever weapons you find (and there are a lot) you can craft weapons, the same as the previous Dead Rising titles. Zombies can be distracted and the E3 demo shows the player making their way to a safe house through the hordes of hungry undead.

The world features hundreds of weapons, and you can craft weaponry in real-time without having to scour the world for that obscure crafting bench (thank the heavens for this!) Exploration plays a huge part of the game, and instead of walking around on foot you can get into cars (these are apparently the best method of travelling the expansive world). Despite being in a car, zombies can still be a huge problem.

Smartglass allows you to call in artillery support, allowing you to deal with hundreds of undead in one easy command. You can check out the E3 video below. Currently there hasn’t been a release date announced, other than ‘this holiday season’. Well, I know exactly what I want for Christmas…