2 New Trials Games Announced, Features Cross Compatiability


Sorry, I got excited and my shift button stuck at the same time.  For such a short demo, we learned a heck of a lot.  Starting off with a look at Trials: Fusion, we see a beautiful glimpse of a rider high in the clouds, falling towards a ramp far below.  As we cut to gameplay, we see something new to the Trials universe: tricks.  We’re not talking about backflips and frontflips, though.  In our time with the demo, we saw Superman’s and 360s, both racking up points mid-air.  This could add an interesting wrinkle to the formula.

As soon as the rider reaches the bottom, he crashes out of the television, right into a smartphone conveniently placed nearby.  Ubsioft assured as that your actual smartphone would be in no danger.  When this happens, the words Trials: Frontiers pop up, and we are shown a mobile version of the familiar Trials gameplay.  While I didn’t see any Superman tricks, a strange “ghost” mechanic seemed to be a central feature, although no details were given.

The demo implied some sort of cross-compatibility, and, although they didn’t say what it would entail exactly, Ubisoft confirmed it.

Trials: Fusion will release on PS4, PC and Xbox One, while Frontiers is a mobile game. No release date announced, but we will let you know when we hear more.