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Sonic Lost World Gets More 3DS And Wii U Footage

Sonic fans grab yourself a seat and get comfy because Sonic Lost World has some brand new game footage, courtesy of IGN. Sonic Lost World, exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U, will be the same games but each version will be unique. You may have seen the official release trailer (in case you haven’t you can check it out below) which showed off some mind-bending gameplay but in case you haven’t seen enough, we have some early looks at both the 3DS and Wii U versions (again thanks to IGN for posting these).

The first gameplay video we have is from the Wii U version, and shows a run through of the first level: Windy Hill.The game certainly features a lot of twists and turns, but it looks pretty awesome!

If you’re more interested in the 3DS version than the Wii U, don’t worry. Next we have 3 videos (yes, 3) which show off the first level, Windy Hill, and also the second level, Desert Ruins (this particular video focuses on Zone 2).

Sonic once again returns, this time partnered with Dr Robotnik in an attempt to stop the Deadly Six from destroying everything they know. This time Sonic moves like never before, vaulting and free-running through the mind-boggling levels. The game also boasts Colour Powers, meaning Sonic can fly through the air, tear up levels and explode into enemies like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

These videos also come with a slew of new information on the 3DS and Wii U exclusive features:

Nintendo 3DS Features:

  • The first handheld Sonic game to ever feature fully realised 3D levels
  • Unleash Colour Powers exclusive to the Nintendo 3Ds system
  • Exclusive special stages! You can tilt using the motion sensor to obtain the elusive Chaos Emeralds
  • Create and customise radio controlled gadgets to help Sonic
  • Race against friends through local and online game modes

Nintendo Wii U Features:

  • Wield the Wii U GamePad to execute exclusive Colour Powers
  • You can play the FULL game using only the Wii U GamePad!
  • Share and charge up items by sending them into the Miiverse to share with players around the world
  • Play together – have a friend pilot the gadgets designed to help Sonic!
  • Race against a friend as you play on the Wii U GamePad screen and they play on the TV

One thing is for certain: as entertaining and intelligent as Dr Robotnik was, perhaps Sonic will have his wits properly tested with 6 enemies! Hopefully E3 will reveal more about this exciting title so keep checking for future updates.