Murdered: Soul Suspect Title

Murdered: Soul Suspect Has You Solving The Hardest Case of All

Murdered: Soul Suspect places you on possibly the hardest murder case to solve to date: your own. It places you in a whole new realm of mystery and intrigue where the case is personal and the clues are just out of reach.

In Murdered: Soul Suspect, you take the role of Ronan O’Connor, a detective whose life is brought to an early and brutal end by his untimely death. Ronan is unable to move on and is stuck in the limbo world of Dusk until he can bring the murderer to justice from the afterlife. Luckily he comes with a new array of supernatural powers which will help you around the town of Salem, Massachusetts. As part of your investigations, you get to interrogate Salem’s past citizens to piece together the puzzle of who murdered you and why, all while battling demonic spirits to save your soul from damnation. It probably doesn’t help Salem’s haunted reputation, but it is the perfect place to set a game like this. You can view the announcement trailer below:

Square Enix are all set to reveal Murdered: Soul Suspect at the E3 trade show next week, and while the actual release date hasn’t been announced we cam hope that E3 will reveal more details. Murdered: Soul Suspect is set to be released on Playstation 3, PC and Xbox 360 and you can find out more information on the official Murdered: Soul Suspect website.

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