Planetside 2

MMOs Aren’t Just for PC Players Anymore

There has always been, and there probably always will be a debate between console and PC gamers. Which is better? I’m not sure either side has a winning argument. But look past the obvious hardware differences, and take a peek at the most recent video game news. You’ll see that every day the two are becoming more and more similar.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about Sony’s recent announcement that states the PS4 will be able to play DC Universe and Planetside 2. It’s no surprise that DC Universe will be ported from the PS3 to the PS4, but until now Planetside 2 has been a solely PC game. The hardware of the next generation is improving, and with it the ability to connect gamers in MMO worlds.

Until recently console gamers haven’t been completely left out of the MMO genre. The problem for me, as a gamer that likes a variety of genres, is the majority of online games on consoles are FPS. They don’t have the open world I look for in PC online games, they don’t have the communities that I’ve found playing MMORPGs on the PC. Instead games are limited to matches and sessions, instead of a world that players explore together. The console online market has been almost solely a FPS market, and honestly, it’s a genre that can get boring fairly quickly.

The MMO genre is one of the reasons I decided to invest in a gaming computer. It’s by no means the main reason, there were plenty of other reasons within gaming and outside of my hobby that led me to investing in a PC. But titles like Guild Wars 2 were also a motivator, knowing that I could never play GW2 on a console.

But not anymore. Sony’s announcement is the last of many recent MMOs being ported to consoles. Earlier this year it was announced that Diablo 3 was coming to consoles. Who would have thought this was ever going to happen? Especially on the current console generation. And just a couple of months ago Defiance was released for both consoles and PCs, a fully-fledged open world MMO. As we move into the next generation of consoles, with improved power in the Xbox One and PS4 we’re sure to see more and more MMO titles offered on the console marketplace.

Sure, the majority of online games coming to consoles remain shooters, like Planetside 2 and Defiance. It makes sense; Shooters are what console gamers play the most. But I don’t think it will be long before more MMOs make the switch to offering console variations to their games. With the improved hardware that the next generation of consoles is announced to have the differences between consoles and PCs are going to be much smaller. And that includes the titles offered from the MMO genre.