Five Xbox One Memes That Are Actually Scaring People

Connectivity is Strength

Surveillance is Safety

DRM is Freedom


Those words are what accompanies the featured image just above. A picture created by Reddit user EnderDom perfectly captures the feelings many are having about the upcoming Xbox One. Since its reveal on May 21st, information has been released that has sent the internet ablaze with rage and, honestly, with fear.

It is scary to think that what Microsoft is doing with the Xbox One will almost render the device a veritable “1984 in a box”. Below are five pictures that dominated the internet yesterday using information taken straight from the latest information from Microsoft.


Xbox 1984

Big Brother is watching you. This picture takes elements from the classic and horrifying tale of 1984 by George Orwell. This picture, posted by Reddit user EnderDom, captures a more sinister side of the Xbox One with daunting colors and arrows forcing your eyes to stare straight into the Kinect camera while red letters spell out a play on 1984’s dogma. While a bulk of those who are “boycotting” or are against Microsoft are taking a more lighthearted approach, this image is as frightening as it can get.

Just reading the three lines “Connectivity is Strength, Surveillance is Safety, DRM is Freedom” should send chills down your spine as you realize that society is being nudged into believe those kind of words more and more. They ring home even more now that the government-backed project known as PRISM was leaked out and Microsoft is a supporter. When you think of “Surveillance is Safety” and you combine that with the fact that Microsoft signed up for and complies with PRISM then things take an even scarier route.




Microsoft & PRISM

By the way, PRISM, if you don’t know, is a project in which the NSA records and keeps communications and other types of data about you from top companies. Microsoft has apparently been signed onto the project since 2007. PRISM is a seriously big deal. If you didn’t catch the rage about it yesterday or the day before, I implore you to look it up. With Microsoft possibly involved, some users think that the used game DRM is the least worry one could have. Some users, like RdaCHAN, feel betrayed that Microsoft would be involved with something so intrusive.

Here is RdaCHAN’s message to Microsoft now that he’s “done defending” them.




Kinect: I’ll Be Watching You

This picture, posted by user minuteman3, takes another approach on the surveillance part of the Xbox One and Kinect. In a play on the song “Every Breath You Take” by The Police, minuteman3 put together a two verse song that begins familiar and ends on topic but all of it incites fear. This is another instance of how bad things seem now that PRISM was leaked.

With Microsoft in on PRISM, the idea of a Kinect that’s always on, recording, and listening is just terrifying. We have not heard everything about PRISM and as such right now no one can confirm that Micrsoft is taking details about users and sending them to the NSA. However, the fact that the company is rumored to be connected with the project and the Kinect will record and listen at all times just leaves a sour taste in one’s mouth.

Don’t think it’s too scary? Take a look at minuteman3’s song.




Xbox One: One + One = One

This picture, which comes to us by user pf-rpanderson, is basically a list of information that comes from the latest Xbox One information from Microsoft themselves. The theme is this picture is the number one. As you read through, that number stays prevalent and also has the biggest font on the picture, aside from the logo at the bottom.

This picture may not be as scary as the others on this list but as a gamer, it should be. These “features” are exactly what people don’t want in the next generation of gaming nor the one after that.




No One Left To Speak Up

This picture is the scariest of them all. Instead of looking in from the outside, this comes from the point of view of an Xbox loyalist. Being a gamer who has played Microsoft’s gaming consoles for years, reading through this picture can and should send shivers up and down your spine. It is not only an interesting take on the entire situation, it is also another play on 1984.

The basic message here is that even if you support the Xbox 360 and have done so for the entire current generation, that is no reason to not stand up and speak now. It’s clear that gamers are furious and freaked out by Microsoft’s bold, new console. Just because you are enjoying what’s out there now doesn’t mean you should remain silent before the storm actually hits.




So What Should We Do?

While some of you may think this is taking it a bit too far, it really isn’t. Things like this are only just the beginning. The #PS4noDRM Twitter campaign was beautiful and really showed how vocal gamers are about the future of games. These memes, as scary as some can be interpreted, are also a good thing to have. These pictures show people how bad “features” like this really are. The one picture also mentioned PRISM, which is something more people need to know about.

So what can we do to stop things like this from happening? There’s always hope that Microsoft will listen to all of this and change the system before launch. That would be ideal. No one should want the Xbox One to fail as competition keeps the industry fresh. However, if the Xbox One fails because of the above issues, then the only one to blame is the company themselves.

The best thing to do is to remain vocal. Write to Microsoft. Tell them you’re unhappy. Let your voices be heard.

And finally… never, ever let someone convince you of a false truth. There are four lights, my friends.



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