E3 2013: 3 Great Sequel Reveals That Would Make It Amazing

E3 2013 is right around the corner and as usual, everyone in the industry is looking forward to the newest games and technology. This year’s E3 is one of the most exciting of recent memory as Microsoft and Sony must back the next generation consoles with new and exciting games that will help to make their respective consoles the must-have piece of hardware for the next few years. Naturally there are numerous games that different fans would love to see be revealed that would make this the best E3 yet. And while next generation consoles are built upon their new IPs, sequels must be released in tandem with the new games to keep the industry moving. Here are some of the games that I would love to see revealed!

Beyond Good and Evil 2: One of my favorite games of all time was the first Beyond Good and Evil game. Set on another world inhabited by many beautiful creatures, you were tasked with controlling a photographic journalist through a web of alien conspiracy and saving Hillys (the main area in the game) from the DomZ. The concept was unique, the graphics at the time were good for a PlayStation 2 / Xbox era game, and the gameplay was interesting and fun. Unfortunately, the game did not sell nearly enough copies as Ubisoft had hoped for a game with such lofty ambitions, putting the planned sequels on a shelf somewhere. Flash forward to 2008 at Ubidays and the publisher released a pretty teaser trailer. In the years since then there has been relative silence, with the exception of a few leaked images and videos while Ubisoft and Michael Ancel, the creator of the game, kept stressing to the press that the game was in no way cancelled. With Ancel free to pursue the game, as Rayman Legends has essentially finished development, I hold the hope hat we will at least see a tease of real graphics from the game for next generation. The original concept for the game sounded a lot like Mass Effect, hopping around a galaxy, however the final product was limited by the technical abilities of the time. Could next generation give Ubisoft the power needed to build a fully realized world? E3 2013 would be the perfect time to let us know!


Mirror’s Edge 2: This is a game that has been teased for a while now, and various outlets have spilled a possible announcement of the game, making it entirely possible that there will be such an announcement at E3 2013, maybe even with gameplay footage. A sequel to another brilliantly unique game that didn’t live up to expectations, Mirror’s Edge 2 would do wonders if it became a launch title for next generation using the new Frostbite engine created by developers DICE. Blending first person perspective with free running across a city skyline was breath taking, as well as a little sickening at times. Another unique point was that the game was released in the time when every game wanted to emulate the Call of Duty success while Mirror’s Edge was a first person game with very minimal shooting! Maybe that is why it went under the radar at the time. I have already written an article on how DICE could make the sequel great, and now all we have to do is wait for the reveal.


Uncharted 4: While this would certainly be a PlayStation exclusive, Uncharted is an undeniably high quality franchise that many people would love to see return on the next generation console. Following the likable Nathan Drake on globetrotting adventures, the games reached a peak at the second game, meaning the third game saw a marked drop in fun and story but still kept that spark that interested many people. A fourth entry to the franchise would undoubtedly turn heads towards the PlayStation 4. E3 would be the perfect time to announce this game, as Uncharted games have always led the way on the PlayStation 3 in terms of the graphical abilities. And to lead the way into next generation, giving the same jaw dropping vistas and action as the Killzone: Shadowfall demo or even surpass it would be awesome. Even just a teaser image of the title of the game would be enough to set crowds going wild and set imaginations free with ideas about what Naughty Dog could tackle next to innovate yet again.

OUTSIDE BET – Half – Life 3: HA.