Combo Crew Developers Provide Tips To Succeed in Their Own Game

Combo Crew from The Game Bakers was an innovative beat- em-up mobile game that had players use the touch screen to execute combos, counters, and other bone breaking skills to deliver the hurt upon wave after wave of baddies. While Combo Crew is innovative, players have been stumped on how to go about making the best use of the new control scheme, since the game lacks a direction pad or buttons to press.

To help their players, The Game Bakers have provided a handy guide to help make the most of the controls while explaining how to optimally execute counters, raise the game’s SUPER meter to unleash attacks, and get a high score in general. It’s rather handy and nice to see game developers reach out to their audience to help them enjoy the game more without overtly holding their hand to guide them through and taking away the enjoyment of the game.

Of course, you will still need a copy of Combo Crew to fully enjoy it after learning from the developer’s tips. So if you want to enjoy the fun of beating up countless baddies without risk of hospitalization or lawsuits, give Combo Crew a shot.

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