PS4 Could Debut At Under $400, Analyst Believes

While we will most likely have to wait until E3 (or beyond) to know for sure, one analyst says the PS4 won’t be breaking your bank account, and could go for less than $400.

In a report from Gamespot, industry analyst Arvind Bhatia thinks a number of factors could lead to the lower-than-expected price point, most notably the backlash from the PS3 reveal fiasco.  Bhatia thinks that Sony has learned their lesson. “Given that experience, we believe Sony will aim to keep the price point for PlayStation 4 below $400,” he said.

Releasing at such a low price means Sony will most likely lose a bit of money on the consoles at the beginning, but this isn’t altogether unusual during the launch period of a new console.  Bhatia commends their commitment to the customer, but thinks that Sony is denying themselves a bit of profit, just not how you think.

While he seems to agree with the pricing model despite the projected early losses, he believes Sony is missing out on a large chunk of income by keeping PSN free, and not charging a subscription model.  This is interesting because that is one of the huge advantages Sony has over the Xbox, and you could just imagine the backlash that would occur if Sony aped their competitor in this regard.  Suffice to say, I don’t see that happening.

Of course, it is also important to note that, if the sub-$400 entry fee is accurate, it will probably only be for the lowest end model, and plenty of people will pony up the cash for an upgraded version, which could come with more games, more hard drive space, etc.

If this turns out to be true, I think that is a pretty darn good deal for consumers.  Does this price point seem plausible to you, or is this guy most likely off by a couple hundred dollars?  Would you pick up a PS4 for $400?  Let us know what you think.