Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya Curses Smash Bros. Fans

With a new Smash Bros. announcement imminent at Nintendo’s E3 event, fans of the series have been speculating what character might grace the game with their presence.  With the Wii U getting highly anticipated games like Rayman Legends and the controversial Bayonetta 2, many fans have been gathering at the creators social media accounts and forums to beg them to allow Nintendo to put their characters into Smash Bros 4.

Smash Bros has a dedicated fanbase, one that is loyal to a fault and every time a new game in the series is announced they are the first to ask for new characters.  Debates rage on Smash forums when it comes to who is going to be added to the ranks and who is leaving the franchise.  But it seems as though they finally pushed too hard.

Bayonetta 2 is coming, we all know this. Fan excitement has been rising ever since Kamiya hinted on his twitter that the game would be presented at Nintendo’s E3 event.  And Smash Bros fans have been asking Platinum Games constant questions about when we can expect to see the hair-clad heroine join the heroes of the franchise. Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya was not pleased to say the least.

His twitter had been bombarded by fans asking for not only Bayonetta but other heroes from the Platinum Games library.  He’s also been asked to allow Nintendo to add Viewtiful Joe and one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite games, Okami’s Amaterasu, and for a long time he has entertained the fans with comments.  Until one Bayonetta tweet to many set him off.

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He also helpfully linked the large number of Smash Bros related tweets that he has received over the last three months which I will admit was overkill.

I understand Smash Bros fans being excited but it’s time to take the hint. The constant bombardment of tweets concerning Smash Bros 4 has really upset the Platinum Games creator.  With this latest tweet Kamiya has decided to send a message: back off or he might just let Bayonetta and company slip through your fingers.

Hideki Kamiya will be at E3 next week to show off Bayonetta.

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  1. Juhis815

    Oh well, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the most hardcore fans on Smash Bros. series were expecting Bayonetta to be included, but now their dreams are completely shattered to tiny little pieces, and there’s nothing they can do to collect little pieces and glue them together.

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