5 RPGS That Need HD Remakes

Remaking games in HD seems to be the new fad, and it’s one that I love. In the past year I’ve seen remakes of some of my favorite games like Baldur’s Gate and Age of Empires II. Even better, I’ve heard that even more games are getting redone in HD, games like Zelda: The Wind Waker and the original Fable. So many great games are finding their way back onto gamer’s consoles and computers.

HD remakes are awesome. They can bring players needed gamer nostalgia, a chance to not only replay their favorite games, but do so in HD. Even more importantly HD remakes allow a whole new generation of gamers to appreciate old classics in games with graphics that would normally be off-putting to new players.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article on series that I think need HD collections. But as the gaming world continues to announce more and more HD remakes I feel compelled to keep my HD wish list growing. This time: 5 RPGs That Need HD Remakes.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: KOTOR is the game that inspired me to write this list. I picked it up during a Steam sale a couple of weeks ago and now that summer has finally arrived I’ve had the chance to start replaying this classic RPG. I never got totally into this game when it was semi new, so I’m trying to now. The storyline and d20 mechanics have aged fine in the past 10 years since this game was released, but the graphics… well, they didn’t. Who knows what’s going on with the Star Wars video game franchise these days, but a HD remake of this title would sure be a profitable one.

Fallout 2

Have you heard of Fallout 3, or Fallout: New Vegas? I’m sure you have, because they are titles that every serious gamer knows and has tried. But obviously Fallout 3 wasn’t the first game in the series, there were games that come before that, and Fallout 2 is a great one. It takes place 30 years before Fallout 3, and it’s totally different. It’s got a third person top down view instead of a first person, with a whole different set of mechanics, but it’s the Fallout world that we all know and love. Why wait impatiently for Fallout 4? If this game became an HD remake I’d be fine waiting a little longer for Fallout 4 to finally come out.

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is the one game on this list that I haven’t actually ever played. Every time I read someone’s list of the best RPGs of all time, or even their list of the best video games of all time this game makes it on there (actually a couple of games on this list made it onto that one). I know there was a DS remake of Chrono Trigger, but I don’t have a DS… so instead I’m putting it on this wish list with a hope that someone somewhere has the power to put this game on a console or the PC. I can’t comment on how good the game is, and why it needs to be remade, but I’m sure you already know how great of a game this must be.

Jade Empire

There are so many things to like about Jade Empire. I’m not a big JRPG fan, so it’s nice when a game like this comes around that’s set in an Asian world, but without the JRPG feel. It’s also nice to have a RPG that isn’t completely focused in the fantasy, magic, and monsters of a fictional world. Sure, that all has its place in Jade Empire, but the game focuses on the characters, the storyline, and the martial arts. I love my complicated mechanics, but that’s not a part of Jade Empire, it’s just about enjoying the game.  Jade Empire is an awesome game that every gamer needs to try, especially if it had updated HD graphics.


The first Elder Scrolls game I ever played was Oblivion. It’s what made me a fan of both the series and Bethesda. To this day Oblivion remains my favorite, probably because I played it first and the most. But the only reason Morrowind hasn’t surpassed it as my favorite is because of its graphics. It’s hard to get into a game when you’ve played its successor for god knows how long, just like it’s hard for Skyrim players to get into Oblivion. Morrowind is close to being the coolest game in the series, update those graphics and it definitely will be.

And if you haven’t tried Morrowind out, you should. I’ve advocated for this game countless times. But don’t worry, even if Bethesda doesn’t remake this game in HD, the player community might do it for us!