Sony Will Show More Than 40 Games Across PS4, PS3 And Vita Platforms At E3

Sony has announced via their official blog that they will be showcasing more than 40 games at this years E3. Focusing on both current gen and next gen, those 40+ games will be a mix of Vita, PS3 and PS4 titles.

According to the blog post, we can expect to see Beyond: Two Souls, Destiny, DriveClub, The Evil Within, Gran Turismo 6, inFAMOUS: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Killzone Mercenary, The Last of Us, Tearaway, Wolfenstein: The New Order and much, much more at Sony’s E3 conference.

Over 40 games is a lot, even if that’s split between 3 different platforms and Sony is wise to include all generations in their conference as there will be something for everyone here, whether you’re buying next gen or not. It also shows Sony is following through on their recent statement about focusing on making the PS4 a games console first and foremost which will please hardcore gamers everywhere.

There were rumors that The Last Guardian might finally reappear at E3 again but Sony has not confirmed this. We’re just going to have to wait and see but either way there’s bound to be some good (and bad) surprises at E3. That’s what makes it one of the most exciting games events of the year.

If you want to check out the above games, plus whatever surprise games Sony will be showing at E3, be sure to watch their conference on Monday June 10 at 5:30pm Pacific/8:30pm Eastern.

via IGN

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  1. Darth_Mooo

    So I have to wait until Tuesday to get all the juicy info’. That’s too long! Oh well, at least Konami will reveal some interesting stuff this evening about their games.

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