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Scurvy Scallywags Review: The Most Addicting Match 3 Game I’ve Played

Scurvy Scallywags from Beep Games was a casual mobile game that I tried out during one lazy afternoon at home. I eventually stopped playing and went outside only to discover that the authorities declared me legally dead. Then I thought, “I have more time to play Scurvy Scallywags.”

It’s a basic match 3 game like Bejeweled. But between collecting loot & coins, fighting monsters, buying upgrades for my pirate skills & ship, customizing my pirate look, and singing along to witty shanties, I simply couldn’t stop playing. The pirate theme and story surrounding the entire game is well-written where you’re actually just an actor in a pirate musical trying to keep the show going on despite a less than supportive supporting actor, various demands from the producer, and some monsters who probably aren’t aware that they’re in a musical and ready to game over my ass.

I got really invested with my pirate as I customized the outfit and skills to suit my match 3 play style that emphasized killing monsters before they got too close to me. And I simply kept playing because I wanted to see what kind of islands and monsters I would find while anticipating to hear how the next collected sea shanty would ridicule the pirate lifestyle.

So if you like match 3 games with a little more depth than matching 3, like pirates, and hate hipsters, “Scurvy Scallywags” is definitely worth checking out.

“Scurvy “Scallywags” is currently available for iPhone and iPad for $.99 as a release date sales price (regularly $1.99).