Livestream: Conclave – Legacy of the Dweller Release Extravaganza

We’ve all experienced the cooperative game debacle. You know, where several of your friends all own different consoles and/or are incapable of deciding on one game everyone can jump into. But what if none of your fantastical band has the time to spend several hours affixed to a local game environment? What if all they can spare is a glance or, perhaps, less than 15 minutes of their time at most? If that’s the case you can thank 10×10 Room for their successfully Kickstarted, online, co-operative RPG entitled, Conclave. Come see the launch of the first campaign, Legacy of the Dweller, LIVE as Nick Branstator from 10×10 Room joins us for some fantasy livestreaming nonsense.

Come start your weekend off with a nice breath of Conclave dragon-fire as we hurdle ourselves into the game’s first campaign! The livestream for Conclave will begin at exactly 2pm EST on Friday, June 6th. Help spread the word about 10×10 Room’s first crowning achievement in the browser-based world by asking Nick questions that would break a normal man! Alright, take it easy on him for a bit, but he’s definitely looking for questions about the present and, possibly, the future of the game! Oh and here’s the launch trailer:

You can watch the livestream right here or warp over to our fancy Twitch TV channel, if that suits you better. In either case, we can’t wait to show off some more hot Conclave action. So remember: 2pm EST on Friday the 6th of June! Be there!

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