The Last of Us

Last of Us Multiplayer “Factions” Detailed

Following the release of some screenshots earlier this week, Naughty Dog has released a little information regarding its “best ever conceived” multiplayer along with a sweet new trailer for “Factions”.

The Last of UsThe multiplayer is called “Factions” and as the player, you will be able to choose sides. The Last of Us single-player experiences will feed directly into the multiplayer experience, meaning that what you learn in the single player will also apply in multiplayer. The same crafting system and “Listen” mode as found in single player will also be present in the multiplayer.

The two factions are called Hunters and Fireflies. Each player on each faction begins with a number of survivors that they must play and “level-up” over time. The trailer suggests that there are 12 weeks of survival challenges. Could this possibly be relating to the DLCs or already-implemented game mechanics?

There are currently two modes, Supply Raid and Survivors. In supply raid, the player’s team gets 20 reinforcements. Presumably you are supposed to stay alive as long as possible while collecting the most “supplies” from around the map.

Survivors is a best of seven match, pitting players against each other. Once a player dies, they don’t respawn till the next round. Basically you want to eliminate the other team, probably.

Just from the sound of these two modes, the multiplayer aspect of the Last of Us sounds very team-based. I mean you won’t get very far if you go guns blazing in Survivors, only to find yourself alone and surrounded. Luckily, if your teammates manage to save you somehow, they do have the option to revive you. However, they’d have to hurry because enemy players can also perform executions on you. Neat!

In addition to the Survival Pack that comes with most pre-orders, a $20 season pass will give you access to day-one perks and future content. The DLC is confirmed to include single and multiplayer expansions.

The Last of Us hits the shelves on June 14th, exclusively for the PS3!