PS4 Adds “Free To Pay” and “MMO” To Its Lexicon, And That Is Great

Just in case you didn’t have enough reasons to pick up a PS4, Sony announced today that the MMOs DC Universe Online and Planetside 2 will both be coming to the PS4, and they will both be free-to-play digital downloads.  What?  Free to play on a console?  This is another perfect example of Sony doing exactly what they need to be doing.

When it was announced that PS3 and current PSN titles wouldn’t be transferable to the new console, there was one particular group of people who took that pretty hard.  DC Universe Online has been out on the PS3 for awhile, and plenty of people have poured hundreds of hours into the fun MMO.  Predictably, when these people learned that all their hard work could be for naught come next generation, they were worried.  Sony laid their fears to rest today when IGN reported that not only would the title be coming to the PS4, it would remain free to play.  Planetside 2 gets the same deal.  This is excellent news.

If there are two terms you don’t often hear affiliated with consoles, it is “MMO” and “free to play”.  Thus far, Sony has done just about everything you could have asked them for in regards to the PS4.  They have gone out of their way to assure us that they placing their focus squarely on us, the gamer.  They are empowering indie developers.  They haven’t yelled “RIIIIIIIDGE RACER!!!” not even once.  And now they are releasing not one, but two quality MMOs on their new console, and not charging for them.

It’s hard to speculate on when we might be seeing these titles, considering we don’t even have a release date for the console, but this is yet another nail that Sony has hit squarely on the head.  If Sony keeps this stuff up, it is going to be hard to justify purchasing anything else.

Which one of these titles are you excited about getting some console love?  Is Sony making the right move here?  Leave us your thoughts.