Plants Vs Zombies Sequel Announced And It Includes Time Travel

Plant Vs Zombies, the extremely popular strategy game by PopCap studios, is receiving a sequel this July. This weekend, PopCap and EA have had their fair share of fun teasing different images that featured the titular plants and zombies with roles in their other popular franchises such as Dead Space and Mass Effect. The companies have released a trailer featuring Pixar-quality CGI that quickly shows the protagonist planting in preparation for the zombie attack. He then heads back inside and hops into a car where he begins to turn a dial. On the right side of the car, names of different locations around the world start to appear as he turns the dial, showing us that this is a time machine. He then drives away, breaks the fourth wall, and the trailer ends. If you’d like, you can watch the trailer for yourself below.

The original Plants Vs Zombies has found a home on almost every gaming platform, with every iteration receiving critical praise. The concept behind the games are simple, but the gameplay is addictive and interesting. If the trailer is anything to go by in regards to how the gameplay itself will function, it seems as if there may be a strategy behind placing plants in preparation for an attack in one time period, and then jumping over to another one to overlook them both at the same time. It could almost function as the Assassin Brotherhood in the AC series, with the potential to recruit other survivors and take on multiple missions at once. Of course, none of this is concrete, and I am only making assumptions based on what you and I have seen in the trailer. Either way, fans of the PvZ series are sure to not be disappointed.

The game is currently set for release on July 18 for all iOS devices, and it will most likely come to other platforms afterwards like the original. Now that you have your Plants Vs Zombies sequel PopCap, can we please see a new Peggle game? Are you excited for this new game? If so, let us know why in the comments below!