Gaming Soundtrack #2 – The Luna Sequence

You’ve logged hundreds hours into it already, played thousands of matches, and fragged enough digital avatars to put Genghis Khan to shame. You’ve grown numb to the constant sound of blaring assault rifles and explosive grenades. It’s all too familiar now, yet you keep coming back for more and more. Game developers put a lot of work into the sound effects and background music to help bring you into their world. Character voices pull out the story of the title while orchestra tracks supplement the mood of a scene. But sometimes, you want a fresher, different experience and playing your own music over the game is a great way to achieve that. So for those of you who enjoy adding your own soundtrack to your games, I present a new album that’s worth adding to your “gaming playlist” once you’ve worn out the mp3s that shipped with the game.

This week’s addition to the gaming soundtrack is The Luna Sequence, which can best be summed up by it’s Twitter description: “the Electronic Rock project of Kaia Young.” That’s right. One person. No five piece band here and interestingly, no vocals either. But the lack of vocals hardly hinders the emotional power of the music. Leading synth pieces carry you down the jarring rapids laid out by Young’s intense and energetic drum patterns. Every bit of The Luna Sequence holds special meaning, reflective of Kaia Young’s life. Take the name for instance:

“The name was taken from a policy review of a psych facility. The author proposed a theory he jokingly called ‘The Luna Sequence’ regarding the residents’ self-abuse and suicide attempts during full moon cycles. The facility had a policy of preemptively locking everyone in isolation rooms before the full moon, and the author couldn’t understand why an otherwise well adjusted and behaved person would try to hurt themselves when put in isolation ‘for their protection.’ People will be dysfunctional if you convince them that they are dysfunctional… “

While many of the songs hold a strong emotional context, you need not be a dedicated music aficionado to appreciate it. Any fan of instrumental electronic and rock will immediately feel at home with The Luna Sequence. After playing just one track, you’ll see just how perfectly it mixes with games like Deus Ex and Mirror’s Edge and it will have you wondering why Young’s music hasn’t been incorporated into video games before. Tracks like Path to Abandonment hit hard and fast, while tracks like My Love Undone present a much brighter mood and feeling. Though some of the songs can become a bit drawn out and repetitive,

The Luna Sequence is one of the best choices that I can suggest for those that love adding their own soundtrack to games. Lyrics can sometimes distract from intense moments or conversely, get lost during the heat of combat. Young’s tracks will stick in your brain even if they’re not the full focus of your attention, making it a perfect supplement to your fragging experience. The Luna Sequence has released five albums to date but I suggest the first two for those that are just getting into Young’s music, Underneath and They Followed You Home. 

Top 5 Tracks (in no particular order)

  • My Love Undone – They Followed You Home
  • Beside Still Waters – Underneath
  • Before The Skies Were Missing – Underneath
  • Lure The Vultures – They Followed You Home
  • Hope On Black Wings – They Followed You Home