Free to Play Version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Announced

For those who want to experience the Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate jiggle fest that occasionally walks like a fighting game but don’t want to actualy buy Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, Tecmo announced its plans to release a free to play version of DoA5 Ultimate in addition to the retail game. This free to play version is dubbed Core Fighters and includes four of DoA’s core fighters: Ryu, Hayate, Kasumi, and Ayane. It’ll be available on PS3 as a digital release starting Septemer 3rd.

With Core Fighters, you’l be able to fight against owners/players of the full retail version online for free. But if you want anything more than that, expect to pay more such as $15 for a story mode and$4 each for extra characters. It seems that Tecmo failed to catch the “micro” in microtransactions with this price scale.

At this rate, Core Fighters feels more like a demo than a free to play. But if all you want to do is use Ryu’s teleporting pile driver move on hapless online fighters or have an appreciation of well animated (though possibly physically impossible) lady lumps, Core Fighters is a free way to get your fill of both.