5 RPGs I Want To See At E3 2013

E3 2013 is just around the corner, and with it is the inevitable announcements for new games. I consider myself an avid gamer, and RPGs are by far my favorite genre of games. Anytime I think about new game announcements, my mind is always flooded with RPG sequels that I really want to see and play. I have compiled a list of five RPGs that I would be ecstatic to see at this year’s E3, but the odds of them happening vary from game to game.

1. Final Fantasy XV

Agni's Philosophy screencap

Agni’s Philosophy, Square’s tech demo that they debuted at E3 2012, has been rumored to be the basis for Final Fantasy XV.

I have already written about my thoughts on Final Fantasy XV extensively, but it cannot go without mention here. Many fans of the Final Fantasy series have been turned off because of Final Fantasy XIII’s linearity and XIII-2’s poor storytelling. Neither of things bothered me, and I still thought both games were fantastic. They definitely missed more steps than the average Final Fantasy game, but they were still absolute blasts to play. Worth keeping in mind, however, is that Lightning Returns, the final entry in the Final Fantasy XIII series is still in development and due for release this fall, and Square may very well decide to hold off on announcing another entry until it is released…

…or not. If anyone cares to remember, a representative for Square spoke at the PS4 reveal and told viewers to be excited for a new Final Fantasy announcement at E3. Now, while they did not say anything about this game being the next numbered entry in the series, one would assume that it has to be something pretty prestigious for Sony to want to highlight its announcement in their console reveal. I suspect that because of this, the new Final Fantasy title will be revealed during Sony’s E3 press conference, but stranger things have happened. No matter where its revealed, however, I will be one happy RPG fan if it is Final Fantasy XV.


2. A new Star Ocean game

star ocean

Star Ocean: Til The End Of Time is one of my favorite PS2 games ever, as well as one of my favorite RPGs.

Star Ocean is a series that, in my opinion, does not get as much love as it should. Star Ocean: Til The End Of Time is a PlayStation 2 title published by Square. It features standard RPG mechanics as well as an intriguing story. Its crafting system is one of the most exciting features in an RPG that I have played to date, and I frequently go back to this 50 hour plus game to relive the old days. Star Ocean: The Last Hope, on the other hand, is none of these things to me. The most recent entry in the series, it definitely looked as if it had the potential to outshine TTEOT, but failed on every level. The story did not captivate me at all, and the characters were uninteresting. However, this does not dishearten me to the possibility of a new entry in the series. Despite The Last Hope’s disappointments, it is still a solid game that has received solid reviews and sales. There is really no reason for Square to hold off on this series any longer.

3. Kingdom Hearts 3


The cast of characters that the Kingdom Hearts series flaunts is one of the reasons that the game is as captivating as it is.

Oh, Square. In 2002, Squaresoft released a quirky game that mixed some original characters together with characters from the Disney and Final Fantasy universes. At first, many people thought it an odd combination, but the fan base for the series definitely says otherwise. The Kingdom Hearts series has one of the most heartfelt story I have every experienced in a game, and it is all doable with its memorable cast of characters. From the characters specific to the series such as Sora and Riku, to Final Fantasy and Disney staples like Cloud Strife and Mickey Mouse, none of the games’ level come anywhere close to being boring.

The series has not seen a main entry in over six years, although it has not been forgotten. The most recent release, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, came out only a short amount of time ago, and the series creator Tetsuya Nomura has stated that it was the final piece before Kingdom Hearts 3. Let’s all hope he was right and Kingdom Hearts 3 is revealed in the next coming weeks.

4. The Last Remnant Sequel


The combat in The Last Remnant stand out as innovative and addicting, even when other areas fall short.

Now, this idea of mine has two major flaws. For one thing, it is the fourth (and last) Square Enix title on this list, and the possibility of Square Enix announcing four sequels is absurd. Secondly, this game does not have that many fans, and most of you reading this probably do not know what it is. So, allow me to explain. The Last Remnant is my favorite game of this generation for the simple reason that everything has a stat and can level up. All of your skills, and I mean all of them, can rank up five times, and your character’s stats are not just limited to the normal Attack , Defense, and Magic of most RPGs. The game’s story may be boring and poorly written, but no battle is boring and the game does a good job of making you feel like a powerhouse when you defeat its ridiculously difficult boss battles.

While the odds of a sequel to this game are slim, I am still holding out hope for its announcement at some point before I die.


5. Persona 5


Persona 4’s story is one of the best in the business, and its characters help hit it home.

I am a new recruit in the Persona fan base, but I am so glad I decided to check out Persona 4 Golden. The experience I had by the time the credits rolled was so amazing and memorable that I instantly rebooted the game and started again. I am currently working on playing through Persona 3, but I have heard that the first two are hard to go back to and I may skip them altogether. Either way, Persona 5 is quite possibly my most anticipated RPG at this point. Atlus has proven that they can craft a story to remember, and I definitely want to delve into their next masterpiece sooner rather than later. One would imagine that Persona 5 would be announced for PS4, so Sony may have one heck of a presser on their hands come E3.

What do you think? Do any of these games cross your mind when you think about which announcements you want to hear, or are there different games that I may have missed? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!