Metal Gear Solid and Fallout

What the Fallout 4 and MGSV Exclusive Rumors Reveal About the Next-Gen War

If a recent report is to be believed, then Sony wants Metal Gear Solid V to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Despite Hideo Kojima expressing his multiplatform strategy for future games, the rumor goes that Sony wants the main Metal Gear Solid series to stay on PlayStation consoles. Sony isn’t the only one trying to gain exclusive rights to a game series, as Microsoft supposedly has a deal with Bethesda Software to make Fallout 4 an Xbox One-only title. If true, the highly-anticipated fourth installment of the Fallout series could be a timely or permanent exclusive for Microsoft. While juicy rumors like the Metal Gear Solid V and the Fallout 4 news come and go from the headlines, the combative nature Sony and Microsoft are showing with the PS4 and Xbox One has lent some credibility to these far-fetched reports.

Nintendo is already publishing Bayonetta 2 and Sonic: Lost World exclusively for the Wii U, so Sony and Microsoft pulling the same move for their own consoles isn’t out of the question. Especially when the PS4 and the Xbox One are scheduled for release this year and consumers’ decision on which console to buy could come down to a single game. The one-year lead and cheaper price made it easier to recommend the Xbox 360 over a PS3, but when former exclusive PlayStation titles like Devil May Cry and Final Fantasy went multiplatform, it became all the more easier. This is the scenario that Sony is trying to avoid for the PS4 by making sure Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts 3 won’t appear on any other consoles. It’s also the scenario Microsoft would love to repeat for the Xbox One, by taking away more titles from Sony like the reported Fallout 4 or Mirror’s Edge 2 judging by the game’s listing.

However, publishers’ decisions to make specific games exclusive for certain systems may have more to do with the console’s policies on used games than it did in the past.  Many critics raised an eyebrow when EA abolished their online pass game requirements, but as soon as the publisher came out guns blazing for the Xbox One, which will apparently have a DRM-like game sign in, then their sudden change of heart became clear. This (and another possible reason) is why people suspect EA’s support for the Wii U, which plays used games, is strangely pathetic. While Sony has been smart enough to stay mum on their stance on used games, they may implement DRM for the PS4 to keep publishers happy and game support strong for their system. Although the DRM backlash against the Xbox One and the current Twitter movement may have persuaded Sony (and possibly Microsoft) to go against that measure.

With today’s video games being massively funded and suffering occasional sale disappointments, it’s hard to believe publishers will limit more of their games to a single console. However, with Sony and Microsoft investing heavily in their eighth generation consoles, publishers may be persuaded to do just that. Perhaps more so in Microsoft’s case as they’ve invested $1 billion into games for the Xbox One and will show their 15 exclusive titles at E3, which they promised will be all about games. So don’t be surprised to see new or longtime multiplatform series like Metal Gear Solid or Fallout pledge sole allegiance towards one console, leaving you to decide which side to join.

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