The 5 PS4 Games To Stun Us At E3 2013

Sony’s massive conference built to reveal the PS4 showed us a lot. We may not have seen the console but we got a ton of substance to hold us over until we finally do. It’s obvious that Sony’s focus this generation is all about games and their presentation or unique gameplay. The PS4 is a gaming console – through and through.

Now that we’re heading into E3 2013, all eyes are on Sony continuing that path and as such we’re all expecting to see some great games on display. We saw a handful of great looking titles from AAA studios, up and comers, and indie developers. Out of the titles we’ve seen so far, I’ve selected five games that I believe we’re going to see more from that will stun us all by the time Sony departs the stage.

While I hope we see a ton of new titles, the five that we have seen that are listed below still have a lot to show us.


Deep Down

Capcom surprised me with this title. I wrote about Deep Down after the PS4 reveal with gusto because it combines one blockbuster game and, in my opinion, an underrated gem. Combining the Elder Scrolls’ Skyrim and Capcom’s own Dragon’s Dogma, Deep Down should be a revolutionary combination of gameplay elements.

From what we’ve seen, Deep Down looks to bring emotion and consequence to your adventures through dungeons, ruins, and the homes of dragons. Watching the reveal video shown us the option to run away from a battle, cower and hide, or face your challenge head on like a hero and it all seems exhilarating. It also seems that Deep Down will force you into thinking about a strategy before entering a fight and both offense and defense will be important.

I feel that when we finally see some minutes of gameplay Deep Down will stun us with an immersion that will make us look at Skyrim and Dragon’s Dogma as relics of the past.



inFamous: Second Son

So far the buzz on the internet about inFamous: Second Son has been divided into three sections: lore debaters, skeptics, and series fans looking forward to just another inFamous game.

The lore debaters are worried that Second Son will ruin the 2nd game’s ending and the impact it had on the inFamous series, no matter the explanation. There is also some debate on why there is another element showing up since Cole’s powers came from an electrical-based origin and the series took that on as the only source of this power. Still, lore aside, there are plenty of ways to explain things and some times you just can’t please the lore nuts (ask Blizzard, they’ll tell you).

Then you look at the skeptics who are worried that this new hero won’t be as good as Cole and will render Second Son immediately inferior. When you look past the buzz and look into what we need to see from Second Son, I feel that the title will impress come E3. We have yet to see gameplay and the aspect of being an avatar of fire is enticing.

I feel that inFamous is going to have a strong showing at E3 with some smooth gameplay showing how the series has progressed in the way it plays. I also think that the new face of the series won’t be as “inferior” as some are thinking.



Killzone: Shadow Fall

What we saw from Killzone at the reveal was amazing. It was so cinematic but the gameplay was also strong and smooth. This is definitely a side of Killzone we haven’t seen before. Instead of being right in the middle of an all-out war, we’re seeing the hectic situation of an invasion.

The way the opening cinematic portrayed the emotion after that explosion was just amazing. The senseless murders and destruction showed how serious the situation was and nearly becoming a victim yourself gave the viewers a moment of intensity before the main character took action and gameplay ensued.

So what else could Killzone show us at E3? The perfect blend of cinema, emotion, and gameplay in a first-person shooter that Shadow Fall teased us with will be fully revealed. Killzone has always tried to convey an emotional war showing how both sides of the conflict want to survive and win. From highly cinematic speeches to epic battles and deaths, this series has been a frontrunner on the story-front for the FPS genre.

Shadow Fall should be the game to perfectly blend that cinematic presentation and high octane, emotional gameplay. It will be a benchmark of presentation for future PS4 games.




We saw a lot of Knack during the PS4 reveal. There was a showing of gameplay, story, and development. Sony wanted to focus on Knack for a variety of reasons. This game shows off a lot of what the PS4 can do in terms of graphics, presentation, smoothness, visual effects, and more. It’s clear that Knack is the tech demo offering for the PS4 and it’s a nice looking show so far.

What we should see from Knack at E3 is less about the basics and what we’ll get into as we go further into the game. Knack has a great chance at being a mascot for Sony and the PS4 itself. The company has said that it’s a bit like Crash Bandicoot and the PS1 benefited greatly from that. If Knack can impress with its fast-paced gameplay and charm, then it may be one of the best showings of E3.




While Watch_Dogs isn’t an exclusive title, I expect Ubisoft to allow Sony to show off some exclusive footage and that footage better be what I hope it is.

So far we’ve seen Aiden being a complete badass and never so much in enough danger where the gameplay gets hectic. He always has a way out and while that’s an awesome gameplay aspect, I want to see some craziness. What happens when Aiden isn’t around electronics? What if the police catch on to his game and use EMP? How does the game look and feel when things turn upside down on Aiden?

Also, enough with the teasing of multiplayer. It’s time we see how the game and gamer reacts when another person enters the world. Is it co-op? Or is it more of a competitive nature? If I enter my friend’s Watch_Dogs game, can I help him escape from the police or can I hunt him down using the same weapons he has?

This is what needs to be shown off at E3 for this game and I think we’ll be seeing it during Sony’s conference.



Honorable Mention: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

This is a bit of a stretch but it has already been said that there will most likely be a PS4 version of A Realm Reborn. In fact, Yoshi-P said it would be easy to port over from the PS3 and PC versions. We won’t see it at E3 but we will see the PS3 version of the MMO. I doubt that the PS4 version will be much different so using what we’ll see at E3 for A Realm Reborn, we can see if we should be stunned by the game or not when it comes to Sony’s next gen console.

It’s no secret that Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 was a disaster. From the beta to the launch to the reception, everything that could have gone wrong, did. Fortunately, Square-Enix made some much needed decisions and A Realm Reborn, otherwise known as Final Fantasy XIV 2.0, is shaping up to be the next big hit in the MMO genre.

There is so much attention to detail in nearly every area and the direction of Yoshi-P has been phenomenal. The turnaround for this title has been an insane journey and one that may go down in gaming history.

Fluff and opinion aside, A Realm Reborn will be delivering a cross-platform MMO (PS3 players play alongside PC players) and when the PS4 enters the mix the MMO will flourish even more. At E3 we should be seeing some more jobs (classes), gameplay refinements from Phases 1 and 2, and some endgame content previews. Combine all that with the updates we’ve seen from the development team already (check out the “Job Actions” video) everyone should be checking out what Square-Enix is doing with Final Fantasy XIV. It will be an amazing addition to the list of PS4 games in the future.