Guild Wars 2: A Secret of Southsun Achievement Guide

If you’ve been keeping up on your Guild Wars 2 recently you know that we’re in the heart of the “Secret of Southsun” leg of the Living Story. Unlike some of the past living stories, the Secret of Southsun has proven to be both profitable, in terms of achievements, treasure, and gold. There’s a lot of work to do, and only a limited time to do it (The Southsun Cove living story will only last until June 11).

Guild Wars has been nice enough to release their own guide on the subject, but it really just gives you more of an overview of what’s taking place, and not the quickest way to get the most amount of loot. So in this guide we’re going to focus on completing the “Southsun Stalwart” achievement. Not only will our path to this achievement result in lots of good treasure and gold, but it will also end with a fancy title and an exotic back piece.

So to achieve the Southsun Stalwart award we need to complete any combination of 25 other Secret of Southsun achievements. With the help of the wiki this short guide will point you to the easiest achievements out there.


1. Pick up your free bonus from Consortium/Settler Negotiators

Spread throughout the island are pairs of Consortium and Settler Negotiators that offer free dramatic bonuses to either gold find or magic item find, respectfully, as long as you’re on the island. Make sure you always have one of these active, because completing five events with each bonus on is an achievement. This is the first thing you should do when arriving at Southsun Cove, and you’ll easily run into at least 10 events while running around completing other achievements.

Total Achievements: 2


2. Report to Researcher Kiel

After you get your free bonus find Kiel at Pearl Islet. She’ll point you in the right direction for future achievements, and give you one just for going to talk to her.

Total Achievements: 3


3. Meet with Researcher Levvi

He’s over at the Scoured Plains Camp, and he’ll give you a device that allows you to pick samples of plants from around Southsun Cove. In fact, there’s one right next to Levvi himself. Meeting with Levvi gives you an achievement, and collecting the sample results in a second easy achievement.

Total Achievements: 5


4. Explore the island

You’ve done it before, now it’s time to do it again. Southsun Cove doesn’t count towards the entire world’s cartographer achievement, so you might not have explored it yet. Well now is the time to do so, because there’s another achievement that’s easy to get. While you’re exploring, keep the wiki windows open from the links in part 5 and 6 of this guide, and get the majority of your achievements done all at once.

Total Achievements: 6


5. Collect the Samples

You already have one sample, so now go find the other 9. They’re spread throughout the island, but it shouldn’t be too big of a detour to get them while you explore the island. This will result in 9 more achievements, plus one for getting all the samples. Not only will collecting samples set you up with 10 whole achievements, you’ll also get a rare back piece as a job well done.  Here’s the link to the location of all the samples.

Total Achievements: 16


6. Meet with other important NPCs

Confer with Subdirector Noll, Gossip with Lady Kasmeer, Gossip with Lord Faren, and complete Southsun VIP Meet and Greet. These four achievements can be completed just by talking with NPCs. Check out their locations on the wiki, and keep them in mind while exploring the island. If you get them all while you’re completing part 4 of this guide, it’s an easy way to get four more achievements.

Total Achievements: 20


7. Southsun Skinny Dipper

Swim without Armor off Southsun’s beaches, easy as that. Jump off from the Pearl Islet Waypoint and you’re automatically in your skivvies until you get closer to the enemy.

Total Achievements: 21


8. The Goggles Do Nothing

While you’re exploring you’ll find a pair of goggles and a place to jump in Bakestone Cavern. Don your goggles and jump into the lava below. Don’t worry, you’re supposed to die… It’s for an achievement after all.

Total Achievements: 22


9. Eat an Omelet

Complete the Omelette Gourmand achievement by eating one of Owain’s tasty treats. They just cost a bit of karma and can be found right next to the Owain’s Refuge Waypoint.

Total Achievements: 23


10. The End! Almost…

Now you only have two achievements left. Good job! Two more achievements will become available tomorrow, and are sure to have some good events tied with them: Crazed Karka Queen Killer, and Contractually Obligated. So don’t worry, the title of Southsun Stalwart is in the bag. But, if you’re impatient, or missed a couple of achievements here and there, there are a couple of easy ways to top off you achievement total.

Total Achievements: 25!


11. Bonus Time: 

For those of you that need to pick up some extra achievements cause you missed one above, or you just can’t wait to get your treasure now and not tomorrow. Playing Crab Toss is a viable option to pick up an extra 4 achievements. Or if you prefer dungeons, Canach’s lair is an easy way to pick up an extra 3. Check the wiki for strategies on completing these achievements.