Whoopi Goldberg Joins the Cast of Ninja Turtles

The internet got a whole new reason to complain today, as it’s been announced that Whoopi Goldberg will be joining the cast of the new Michael Bay TMNT reboot.

Goldberg will be playing Bernadette Thompson, the boss of April O’Neil and the Channel 6 News team.

Bay’s upcoming reboot has been met with a wide variety of negative emotions, ranging from skepticism to downright anger at some of the developments rolling out of the project.

It was originally teased that Bay wasn’t planning to tell the traditional story of the turtles in the film, instead portraying them as aliens from another planet, thus explaining the drop of “Teenage Mutant” from the film’s title.

The announcement of Megan Fox being cast as April O’Neill also did little to settle fan’s concerns about the reboot, and we’re still finding out little tidbits of information regarding the cast and story details.

Keep it locked here for more details as they roll out, and check out our guide to making a proper TMNT movie.

(Thanks IGN)