Report: Prey 2 May Be in the Hands of Arkane Studios Now

Adding to the epic saga that is the Prey 2 development cycle, a rumor has surfaced on the internet claiming that the game is now in the hands of Dishonored creator Arkane Studios.

According to Kotaku, the rumor has been leaked by a “tipster claiming to be connected to the project,” and is a reliable source the outlet trusts.

Kotaku’s “tipster” claims that Bethesda has been shopping Prey 2 around for some time now, and it’s been confirmed that Obsidian (Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth) has done some work on the game with some speculation that studio Rebellion (Rogue Warrior) has chipped in some help as well.

But if the rumors are true, the game is now in the hands of Arkane Austin and will essentially be re-booted, with all previous work done by original studio Human Head completely scrapped so the project can receive a fresh start for its targeted 2016 release. The report claims that the studio isn’t too happy about doing the work on the new Prey game, but Kotaku has said that “higher-ups at the company are telling the team to forget that it’s called Prey 2 and just treat it like a new System Shock”, a game that is considered a sort of precursor or spiritual successor to games such as BioShock and Dishonored.

While the original Prey took place on an alien space ship after the protagonist was abducted by a UFO, Prey 2 looked to completely change what the franchise was known for by setting the game on an alien planet and putting the player in the role of a bounty hunter. It had a fairly impressive demo at E3 2011 that managed to gain the title a lot of praise and anticipation, but recent rumors of delays and cancellation have led to big troubles for the game.

Keep in mind that this is still very much a rumor, as Bethesda has yet to confirm whether or not the game is indeed in the hands of Arkane Studios. We’ll keep you updated with further developments as they roll out in the coming months.

(Thanks Kotaku)

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