Mirror’s Edge 2 Hinted At, Promptly Removed

Well this is just getting ridiculous.  E3 is already crazy enough as it is, but a new hint on EA’s website strongly suggests that we will see Mirror’s Edge 2 soon, most likely at E3.  That, or somebody in the company made a mistake, which has never happened ever.  On good faith, I’m going with the former.

First reported by MCV, it appears EA added an official Mirror’s Edge 2 page to their website.  And then totally took it down, presumably while muttering about the new intern and nervously laughing at the same time.  This isn’t the first news of an impending announcement for the DICE-developed cult classic, as it also popped up on Amazon Germany earlier this week, listed only for the Xbox One.  This of course led many to believe that it could be a Microsoft exclusive, but that seems a little far-fetched at this point.  It would be a nice snag for the embattled console though, so maybe Microsoft can pull it off.

I personally had a great time with the original, and can’t wait to see how a next-gen sequel could pan out.  In fact, we have a few ideas ourselves about what we would like to see in Mirror’s Edge 2.  Really as long as they keep protagonist Faith around for one more run, I’ll be happy.  We really liked her.