League of Leviathyn Post-Game Analysis: Episode 6

In this week’s Post-Game, Andrew and I break down what was easily one of our most enjoyable games to date. As always we discuss the benefits of team synergy, cooperation and Andrew breaks down how he managed to beat a Vi in a one on one fight while playing Karthus. I come into my own while playing Corki, and show off why he was once one of the most played champions and how he’s still powerful in the current version of League. On the whole, we had a great time and had more fun breaking down the match in the following video.

League of Leviathyn is a weekly video feature that showcases a full, uncut, uncensored game of League of Legends with staff from Leviathyn. It also presents a shortened and focused episode that breaks down the best and the most detrimental plays in that same game. League of Leviathyn will not provide the best guides to your favorite champions and it will not present the most bad-ass expert plays. Above all, it will not dictate that the players (us) are on a professional level; we’re standard players just like you! This feature is meant to provide a window into interacting with us and us to you! We want to hear your suggestions so we can make our videos into something more exciting to watch and, maybe, you could even get invited to a couple of games!