Grumpy Cat is Coming to a Theater Near You

In news that will most assuredly brighten your Thursday morning, the infamous Grumpy Cat of internet meme fame has officially secured a movie deal.

Grumpy Cat is a, well, cat whose face looks like she’s constantly reacting to someone spitting in her food or cutting her off in traffic. Basically, she looks really grumpy. Hence, the name and the memes:


2012 marked a successful year for the feline, as she was named Most Important Meme by Mashable and was given the prestigious award of Year’s Most Influential Cat by MSNBC. She’s also had appearances on several notable news shows such as Today, Good Morning America, and The Soup.

The feature film is said to be a “Garfield-like” story and will most assuredly use the cat’s iconic grumpiness as the main focus of the plot. Exact specifics are unknown at this time, but rest assured it’ll please no one anywhere. Except maybe kids. Really sad, entertainment-starved kids.

I’m being facetious here, obviously. For the most part. On the bright side, she will undoubtedly have better acting skill than Kristen Stewart.

Check out the Grumpy Cat in all her glory in the video below:

(Thanks IGN)

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