10 Of The Best Cosplays At London’s MCM Comic Con

Over 76,000 people attended MCM Comic Con in London last weekend and although not all those people were in cosplay, quite a few of them were. If you attended the weekend or not, you might have missed out on seeing these truly awesome cosplays, so we’ve picked our ten of the best.

11th Doctor

11th doctor

Cosplayer: Matt Elliott
Photographer: Cosmic Sailor Photography

This may not be the hardest cosplay to make but this Doctor is so impressive because the cosplayer looks exactly like Matt Smith. He really could be his face, body and personality double. If you saw him running around the expo, you’ll have noticed he had 11’s quirks and characteristics absolutely spot on.

Skyrim Armor

Cosplayer: Helen Dunt
Photographer: Ruth Richards

When I saw this armor all I could think is “wow”. Everything about it is impressive and it’s so highly detailed – she even has health and mana potions on her. If I lived in Skyrim, I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with this lady.


Cosplayer: Viet Nguyen
Photographer: Qkchrissy Photography

It was inevitable that at least one Psy would turn up at MCM, but this guy looked great. He looks just like the Korean popstar and he divides opinions just like the real Psy. These amazing Judge Dredds are not a fan, as you can see.

Doc Ock

doc oc

Cosplayer: SpiderTrooper
Photographer: Anders Christensen

The guy was easily my favorite cosplay of the whole weekend. This is one of those cosplays that makes you realise absolutely any cosplay is possible to make, no matter how ridiculously hard it may seem. Although, I hope he didn’t suffer from any backache after the expo had finished.

Tooth Fairy

tooth fairy

Cosplayer: Alex Gilbert
Photographer: NatiniArt

It’s always nice to see something a bit different, and Alex here did an incredible job of recreating the Tooth Fairy from Rise of the Guardians. This is a very cute, colorful and feathery cosplay which is sure to amaze children and adults alike.

Daenerys Targaryen


Cosplayer: Lucy Hinsley
Photographer: Jon Fisher

I have a soft spot for the Khaleesi and there were quite a few of them at MCM this year. They all looked fantastic, but this one stole the show due to the amazing armor and those blades. It’s a great take on Daenerys, a super-badass version, if you will. She may not have any dragons but I’m still not going to mess with her.



Cosplayer: Chloe Warburton
Photographer: League of Extraordinary Cosplayers

An amazing ring-blade is always going to make you look twice and Chloe certainly did achieve that with this great Soul Calibur cosplay. The hair is also fantastic and she’s got Tira’s evil smirk just right. Id’ like to see if she could swing that thing round just like Tira too.



Cosplayer: Anna Sheldrick
Photographer: MCM Buzz Magazine

Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies, but it’s very rare to find a good cosplay of the heroine of China. Anna’s costume is great though, the colors are so striking and beautiful, she’s sure to impress the matchmatcher.

Iron Man/ Buzz Lightyear 

iron buzz

Cosplayer: Chris Young
Photographer: Martin Baker

What to call this costume? Iron Lightyear? Iron Buzz? Buzz Stark? It doesn’t really matter, what does matter is that this cosplay is awesome. It’s such a good idea for a mash-up and it works so well. Great job, Chris.

Serah Farron


Cosplayer: Unknown
Photographer: Tomas.M Photography

I’m a sucker for props and this bow is just incredible. The whole outfit is great but the bow is what really makes it amazing. I’m not a big Final Fantasy fan but I’d love to have that mounted on my wall. Whoever made it did a fantastic job.

If you’re in any of the photos above and I haven’t named you, please comment below and I’ll be happy to credit you.