Second Son

Infamous: Second Son Gets Sweet New Screenshots!

The Playstation-exclusive developer Sucker Punch Productions recently released some high-resolution screenshots of the game. View them below!

Second Son Second Son Second Son Second Son Second Son Second Son

The game itself will take place seven years after Infamous 2. There is a network of security cameras that are monitoring the public to search for “bioterrorists”. Bioterrorists are what we know as conduits, people with powers like Cole MacGrath.

This story begins with a character called Delsin Rowe. Whilst Cole had the power to manipulate electricity, Delsin has the power to absorb other conduits power. Delsin absorbs a conduit’s power to control smoke after attempting to rescue people from a fire.

Like the previous games in the series, the players actions will have an impact on Delsin’s moral status and change the powers he has access to and the way Delsin develops as a character.

Why should you play Infamous: Second Son? Infamous one and two were great games in their own right, the fact that Sucker Punch is taking a different angle from a different character’s point of view makes Second Son even more compelling.

Delsin will be able to absorb different powers, so we won’t only have electricity to play with. If the trailer is any indication of what Delsin is capable of, we’ll have a very Dante-like badass who is very powerful.

The release date for Infamous: Second Son is unconfirmed but Sony has said that it will be available with the Playstation 4!