E3 2013 Predictions

E3 – the nexus for the latest video game related announcements – is coming in just 13 days time. There will no doubt be a plethora of news and showmanship on both Sony and Microsoft’s part to one up each other in an all out war to gather as much interest for their new consoles as possible. So, without further ado, here are my E3 2013 predictions.


Microsoft does not focus on games.

This has already sort of been eluded to at the dreadful Microsoft press conference a week or so ago. I predict that the Xbox One will continue to be advertised as an all-encompassing-media-box despite promises from Microsoft to still look after the ‘core gamers’ with a score of new and original games to be announced at the conference.

Sure, I bet they will announce these games. But that doesn’t mean they’ll all be fantastic, or even good. It also doesn’t mean Microsoft won’t spend the majority of their time going on and on about all those sweet new social media features that have been added to their box. Gimme a  break.

We finally get a Fallout 4 and Kingdom Hearts III confirmation.

Now, both of these predictions are huge, huge, massive, gigantic long shots. To be frank, I don’t think Square Enix even knows how to run their company anymore. They keep screwing over fans by announcing games hardly anyone cares about or wants.

Bethesda on the other hand… a Fallout 4 announcement is a little closer to reality as Bethesda Games Studios has stated that they are no longer making Skyrim DLC which effectively means they are free to work on another project. I cross my fingers and hope that E3 is when the long awaited (true) sequel to Fallout 3 is announced.



Move and Kinect make an appearance, Nintendo announces some other stupid peripheral.

When will these guys ever learn? No one likes to wave their arms around while playing a video game. Considering we already know the new Xbox comes bundled with a Kinect 2.0 I can’t see Sony not doing something to compete. Maybe a Playstation Eye 2.0? God help us all. Now, I’d like to think Sony would be smarter then that, but I’m not above second-guessing them.

I also predict that Nintendo does something equally as dumb, like announce an additional part to the Wii U remote that increases ‘touch screen accuracy  by 10%’

Both consoles are priced, the PS4 is slightly cheaper.

Now that both consoles have been dated (both out this Holiday Season) and tech specs divulged, all that’s really left is the price, which no doubt will also be divulged at E3. Microsoft’s 360 has always been cheaper than the PS3 and aimed more toward the casual gamer, which worked out very well for that system in particular.


This time, I think Sony has learned their lesson from the massive fiasco of the PS3 launch that made everyone’s wallets shudder. The PS4 will be priced competitively low at around 250 – 300 dollars, which will be slightly lower than the Xbox price. If I am correct here, Sony will make a fortune on the amount of customers they will get, in turn making the profits back ten fold on the risky low-price entry point.

You figure the lower you price the system, the more people will consider buying it, the more money you’ll make.

Did I miss any predictions that you thought of? Let me know!