Livestream: Expeditions: Conquistador With Developer Logic Artists

Just in time to celebrate the May 30th launch of Expeditions: Conquistador, indie developer Logic Artists felt it necessary to showcase the title in the form of a livestream – with us! Starting at 2:30pm EST (6:30pm GMT) on Tuesday, May 28th, join us for a comprehensive look at the successful turn-based strategy Kickstarter project. Oh, and Logic Artists will be taking all of your questions, so fire away!

Expeditions: Conquistador is a turn-based strategy game set in the Spanish exploratory period. As a Conquistador, your objective is to discover uncharted lands with a hand-picked crew in a multitude of ways. Your peaceful approach could bolster the morale of all those surrounding you or, if you prefer it, a grim-faced demolition of all who stand in your way could be the true answer. In Expeditions: Conquistador, those choices are up to you!

Remember: 2:30pm EST, May 28th (Tuesday) right here or via our Twitch TV channel. Come show your support to Logic Artists and find out what this title is all about! We’ll also be squaring off against Logic Artists in the glorious PvP mode where it’s practically confirmed that Andrew will be crushed under the mighty weight of the developer’s armies.

Watch live video from leviathyntv on www.twitch.tv