League Championship Series All-Star Event Recap

The League Championship Series All-Star Event was this past weekend, with the best players from each region congregating in Shangahi, China to determine which region will reign supreme.  North America, Europe, Korea, China, and South-East Asia were the regions that were invited, and the all-stars were determined through fan voting.

Although much of this all-star event was for fun, the teams had some impetus to perform well.  The winning region in the tournament will get another slot for its region at the Season 3 World Championships, thereby increasing the chances that a team from that region will take home the season title.

(Underline signifies winner, all series best of 3)


  • North America vs. China (2-0)

The series was all about the team fights.  In each game, North America did a fantastic job in the laning phase, but were unable to keep up during the team fights in the late game.  NA even managed to sneak in a Baron steal in Game 1, but China’s superior team fighting ultimately won them the series.

  • Europe vs. Korea (2-0)

These two games were all about Insec and his amazing Lee Sin.  EU decided not to ban Insec’s legendary Lee Sin, and ended up paying for it dearly.  Insec chose the blind monk for both games and was a huge part in why Korea was so dominant in the series.

Loser’s Bracket Matchup

  • North America (2-0) vs. Europe

This was the chance for NA to prove that they are not the weakest region, as most of the other world thinks that NA is leagues behind every other region.  This series was by far the most exciting matchup throughout the entire weekend, filled with split pushing, back doors, and nail biting finishes.  It was all topped off with a pentakill from Doublelift in Game 2, and NA showed why they should not be scoffed at.


  • South-East Asia vs. China (2-0)

South-East Asia received a bye for the first round due to Taipei Assassins winning the Season 2 World Championship.  But China showed that they have leveled their game up, and through the combined power of Troll (jungler) and PDD (top lane), China easily crushed South-East Asia in two games.

  • North America vs. Korea (2-0)

Coming in hot after its victory against Europe, NA looked to try shock the world against Korea.  But Korea again proved why they are considered the strongest region, and took a relatively easy 2-0 victory against North America.


  • Korea (2-0) vs. China

The MVP of this series was Korea’s top laner Shy and his Jayce.  In both games, Shy’s Jayce was the driving force, and he simply dominated from beginning to end.  The Shock Blasts through the Acceleration Gates were decimating targets in a few shots, and Shy was able bring home the win for Korea, giving the region another entry in the Season 3 World Championships.

All throughout the all-star weekend it was obvious that the Asian teams have a certain level of communication and teamwork to execute team fights more efficiently than the Western teams.  Nobody knows what it is exactly, but it’s apparent that if either of the Western regions wants to make a run for the Season 3 title, both NA and EU are going to have to step up their game.