Fast & Furious 6 Review: Goes By Fast

Fast & Furious 6 is like many of the new Fast & Furious movies: cars go fast, things blow up, and cars go fast and blow up.  There are new characters, old characters, and people who have come back to life after being written out of the movies because they got a part on a hit TV show about people whose plane crashed on some island.  Regardless it must be said that Fast & Furious 6 is not afraid to give its fans exactly what they want.  Even while they have the amazing task of managing to keep it within the series continuity.

I am unashamed to admit that I a fan of these movies.  When the series first started with the original The Fast and The Furious in 2001 it was pretty low budget.  Just a simple movie about an undercover cop trying to catch a crew of robbers while drag racing in LA.  But since the success of that movie the series exploded into Michael Bay town.  Now Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) are retired thieves who are loaded with cash after the events of Fast Five.  Instead of a small house in LA the two live in Spain and spend their time reminiscing about the good old days while sipping beer and gazing at Brian’s kid.

But lazy time is interrupted as Agent Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), who works for a government task force who is made up solely of “The Rock” because the other members died fiery deaths in the last movie.  Anyway, Hobbs has shown up because he is tracking down a group of brutal thieves lead by Owen Shaw.  But the reason that he needs Dom is because one of the members of Shaw’s crew is Letty, Dom’s old girlfriend.

Played by Michelle Rodriguez, we saw Letty die during Fast & Furious only to be revived at the end of Fast Five.  And that’s basically the story of Fast & Furious 6, Dom and Brian are going to stop Shaw and help Dom find his lost love.

It would have been cool to see the two teams face off, members of Dom’s crew facing off with their counterparts on Shaw’s crew.  But that’s not what happens.  As Shaw say’s his crew is basically made up of a bunch of pawns or as he puts it, interchangeable parts like so many widgets.  Shaw’s crew are trying to steal some computer chip for something called a “Nightshade satellite” that can turn off communications somewhere and I don’t know just insert a Bond villain plot.

But weird plans aren’t what we’re here for.  You are here to watch things blow up and boy do things blow up.  The success of the franchise has allowed the Director Justin Lin and writer Chris Morgan access to airplanes, a higher breed of muscle car, and tanks all of which blow up at some point.  The action scenes are amazing although some really do require you to suspend your sense of disbelief.  I’m sorry but I don’t care how many grappling hooks you have, cars can’t bring down a giant plane.

There are plot holes of course, giant ones if you really think about it.  For example why does Brian worry about being in the US when he’s working for the US government (since Hobbs does mention that if they do a good job then everyone is pardoned and free to go)?  Why is Dom taken aback that Shaw attacks his family-when Shaw specifically said that he was going to attack Dom’s family?  Why does Shaw have flip cars, when we never seen them used but the one time?  And why is Tyrese even here?

Even though the plot holes can bother you if you stop to think, Lin and Morgan seem to have put a lot of effort to tie the movies together.  Something that is problematic as movies like Tokyo Drift exist.  This 2006 release is especially a problem because Han is in Fast & Furious 6, when we all saw him die in Tokyo Drift.  However, it’s been announced that Tokyo Drift is now the last movie in the series so everything that we see happened before his death.  As a result there are no  new cars in the movie, they just can’t use them.  Which is interesting since the bad guys use a ‘chip gun” that fires a beam of something into modern cars and can control them.  So Dom and the crew have to use muscle cars which is fine because their all rich now so they just buy them.

There is a lot of foreshadowing in Fast 6 for Tokyo Drift with a lot of heavy handed reference to the fact that Han isn’t long for the mortal coil.  The last scene even deals with what happens after Tokyo Drift so we’ll have to see what happens in Fast 7 to see what they do about Han.

Fast & Furious 6 is just fun.  It’s an action movie that doesn’t care enough to make complete sense but does care enough to try for some kind of continuity.  The whole cast is just having fun and you really believe that they are a family, one that you want to be a part of and see come out of this okay. Honestly I really liked it, and I’ll probably see Fast 7 because I’m weak.