Resident Evil Revelations Blood Pool

Capcom Cancels the Resident Evil Revelations Blood Pool Stunt

Just what every Resident Evil fan wants: the opportunity to dive into a swimming pool brimming with ‘blood’, body parts and Zombie lifeguards. It looked set to be a truly gruesome and amazing event, with the first batch of tickets selling out in the first 24 hours and fans excitedly talking about it. However Capcom UK has now decided to cancel the Resident Evil Revelations PR stunt following the recent Woolwich attack.

For those unfamiliar with the attack, a British soldier was killed in a suspected terrorist attack in south-east London. After the incident a man with his hands covered in blood was filmed saying he carried out the attack because British soldiers killed Muslims every day. While the event has been planned and advertised for quite some time (this was to be the world’s first ever blood swimming pool) Capcom UK issued the following statement on their social networking pages:

In light of yesterday’s sad events we’re cancelling our Revelations pool event. Thank you for your understanding.

Capcom had intended to put ‘human torsos’ in the open air 16ft by 32ft blood swimming pool, near Hackney Wick Station, and brains and intestines as the lane markers. To complete the horrific transformation zombie lifeguards were going to be on duty, and the diving board would be in the shape of human corpses. Yummy! This gore-filled event would definitely have prepared fans for the horror they will face in Resident Evil Revelations.

It’s a shame that the event was cancelled, but running it would have been extremely poor taste, considering the timing. Hopefully Capcom can do the event at another time, perhaps for the release of Resident Evil 7?