The Save Files – The 11th Hour (PC)

In The Save Files’ 25th episode, Aaron is the 7th guest at a haunted house and has to endure all of the puzzles and dangers therein.  Can he survive the house and finish his review of The 11th Hour?

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  1. cornath

    You killed Tim Chipp! And nice covering the shaving of the beard. Great job on a great game!!!

  2. WaxTheTrip

    After “Do wan’t me to make the next move?” press forward and she asks “Do you wan’t me to solve it for you?”. Simple as that 🙂 ´Had a few times to play before I figured that out…

      • WaxTheTrip

        PantslessAaron WaxTheTrip  I tried it again. And actually you have to press the “hint” button, not the “forward” button… But anyway 🙂

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