Combo Crew Review: Mobile Beat-Em-Up Gaming Refined

The old school beat-em-up like Double Dragon was a fun way to let off steam while seeing all sorts of displays of good old-fashioned video game violence. The fast paced game play made for excellent arcade gaming that has been replicated for fast paced game play on mobile devices. But as most mobile beat-em-ups have learned, touch screens do not translate the old school arcade stick and buttons well, which result in crappy control issues.

That is, until you take a look at Combo Crew from The Game Bakers.

Combo Crew bucks the trend of touch screen control pad that attempts to steer like an arcade stick by eliminating the fiddly bastard altogether. Combo Crew focuses on letting you beat the waves of baddies up with controls that directly attack them. Simple swipes, prolonged taps, and double swipes on the onscreen enemies will unleash a variety of attacks and counters that provide a smooth beat-em-up experience that is pretty fun. Side quests requesting you to beat up enemies in stylistic ways will help unlock new ways to pound enemies into ground. You can also use your in-game currency to buy power ups and abilities. And no, you cannot invest in in-app purchases.

Combo Crew features a variety of character and enemy designs that have a cel shaded visual appeal. Sound and music fit the game pretty well. One appeal of beat-em-ups is coop playing with others, which is something Combo Crew does differently through asynchronous multi-player. How it works is that you play until the enemies wear you down. You then call your friends who plays Combo Crew to assist. If he/she beats the level, you’re healed and can continue. So it bloody well pays to have friends playing alongside you.

The weakness of Combo Crew is the story in the sense that there really isn’t one. But the beat-em-up game play fits the easy to get into and out of gaming that suits mobile gaming, so I’m really just nit-picking at this point. Combo Crew is fun and an excellent distraction that refines the mobile game beat-em-up.