Xbox One

Xbox One Used Game Policies Revealed

I recently wrote an article on the fact that the Xbox One is going to charge a fee to play games on more than one console. Well, until a few hours ago we didn’t know exactly what that fee would be and I even theorized that it would be in the twenty dollar range. Luckily for us, Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison decided to clarify a few things. The good news from Harrison is that it is not a twenty dollar fee. The bad news, you have to pay full price to play the game on a second user profile! You heard that right. If you give your disc to a friend he would have to pay full price to play the game on his console. This means that if you do buy a game used you would then be charged full price to play it on top of the used price you paid.


Another interesting tidbit is that Microsoft will be running some sort of virtual used game store. According to Harrison, you will be able to sell you’re used games online but he declined to go into further detail. It seems like Microsoft is sending GameStop, the biggest used game seller, a message that they will not be doing any used Xbox One business. The only thing we have yet to find out is what happens when you are playing local multiplayer. We know that playing on your own profile is free but what if you’re playing Call of Duty against a friend in the same room? Would you have to pay a second game price to be able to use his gamer profile in the game? Sadly, all indications point to yes. Imagine having to pay multiple times just so you and your brothers could keep track of your weapons, wins, and emblems.