Xbox One is shown during a press event unveiling by Microsoft in Redmond

Xbox One Charges Extra To Play Used Games

The Xbox One was revealed yesterday and a very interesting tidbit fell through the cracks and seems to have passed many gamers by. You see, Xbox One will allow you to play used games, for a fee! That is right folks. If you purchase a used game you have to pay an extra fee. According to Matt Booty,the GM of Redmond Game Studios and Platforms at Microsoft, in an interview with Adam Sessler the Xbox One registers games to your gamer profile which will allow you play games at your friends house IF you play under your profile. However, if you want your friend to be able to play under his profile he would be charged a fee. Now, we don’t know what kind of fee, but judging from the feature’s ability to allow games to be shared I would venture to say it will be around the $20 mark. Anything less would be meaningless and essentially allow friends to give games to each other well below the usual $60 price tag while anything higher would make the process too expensive to use.


Now, you might be wondering what this has to do with used games, well if you haven’t figured it out yet let me spell it out. If you go to a used game store and buy the latest Call of Duty for $40 used you would still have to pay Microsoft their installation fee since that game is already associated with someone else’s gamer profile. You would be essentially paying for a game twice and still paying as much or in some cases more than if you just bought the game brand spanking new. It seems to me that this system was put in place to remove the always on feature that was leaked so many months ago. Back then, I reported that the new Xbox would require you to be online to check if the game you were playing was in fact your own and it looks like that has come to pass albeit in a slightly different form.

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  1. Jipper

    I’m not a games but I love torturing my Xbox loving friend with all the money hungry info that’s been coming out about the Xbox 1. Xbox was clearly the leading gaming system but if they’re not careful, their greed will cost them.

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