Xbox One Will See 15 First-Party Games in the First Year

Microsoft put players’ worries to rest in today’s Xbox One reveal press conference by announcing they will be releasing 15 first-party games in the first year after the console hits store shelves, eight of which will be entirely new franchises.

Although the company did not give us a list of its upcoming release, Halo stands out as an obvious flagship that will lead software sales for the new console. Microsoft’s Nancy Tellum introduced a new live-action Halo TV series that will launch alongside the console, and it’s a good bet there will be a new game to set the bar of next-gen game design. Other franchises I would bet on being present include Gears of War, Fable, and Forza. Microsoft also revealed that Activision will be releasing Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox One soon after launch. With 15 first-party titles to choose from at launch, there will surely be a game that each of us can use as an excuse to pick up the new console. By setting the bar with its own releases, Microsoft also takes an opportunity to show third-party developers what can be done with the console’s next-level architecture, processing power and integrated entertainment features. A full suite of software at launch can also help retailers to immediately reap the benefits of carrying Microsoft’s Xbox One.

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