Xbox One Will Not Require “Always-On” Internet Connection

During a post Xbox One conference interview with President of Xbox, Don Mattrick, Spike’s GameTrailers host, Geoff Keighley posed the question many rabid fanboys and skeptics have been asking, “Will the new Xbox require an always-online connection?” Don Mattrick responded by saying that many of the features of the new Xbox One will only be accessible with an internet connection, including the multiplayer gaming and new TV functionalities, but an internet connection is not required.

“Gamers can calm down, we got you covered.” – Don Mattrick

Microsoft was surprisingly tight-lipped about the heated topic during its Xbox One conference, neither confirming nor denying the feature. This caused many people to immediately assume that the feature would in fact be accompanying the next-generation Xbox. Thankfully, that doesn’t appear to be the case. The reveal flew in under the radar compared to the rest of today’s stories but it came directly from a reliable source, the President of Xbox.

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