Xbox One Reveals Impressive Features

The new and very much anticipated next generation Xbox console has been revealed.

It’s called Xbox One.

Simple, Instant and Complete is the headline slogan for this console. Encompassing a great deal of features like cloud saves, smart memory capabilities, new Kinect integration and more.


The system will have a Trending section similar to Twitter to see what games your friends are talking about. A next generation 1080p new Kinect device is heavily involved with One and allows gamers to command the box to watch live TV, browse the Internet, view movies and more all with universal voice prompts and physical gestures like grabbing and pushing away what you need on the fly.

A snap mode has also been included, which allows users to simultaneously watch trailers for new movies while still watching a current show/film or playing a game.

Some other features that have been revealed so far are:

– The ability to voice conference with multiple people on Skype, something that only the Xbox One can do.

– A similar feature to a standard DVR Recorder TV guide but with voice integration with Kinect.

– Three operating systems in one. One for gamers, developers and a combination of the two, allowing for complete ease of access for anyone and any gamer.

– Updated Next-Gen Kinect that can read your heartbeat and show 1080p HD pictures.

– A more ergonomic and comfortable controller with increased trigger and analogue precision to the human hands.

– 300,000 Servers for the updated Xbox Live, which means faster and much bigger and more responsive online gaming matches and added cloud storage functionality for game saves.

The Xbox One is set to drop ‘later this year’ which means it will drop sometime around Christmas to compete with PS4.

Please, stay tuned for much more Xbox One content to come as we see it.

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