Xbox ONE Revealed During Xbox Event

Microsoft’s President of Interactive Entertainment, Don Mattrick, took to the stage at the beginning of the Xbox event in order to reveal the brand new console, Xbox ONE. Mattrick has said that they hope this next console serves as an all-in-one entertainment device, hence the name.  The console will feature support for cloud technology, and a slightly redesigned controller, along with a new Kinect peripheral.

Yusuf Mehdi took the stage shortly afterwards in order to speak about a few of the capabilities that are included with the Xbox ONE. He began by turning on the console with the voice command “Xbox, on.” He informs us that there is no longer a manual login, which would lead one to assume that the Kinect peripheral is a huge focus with the Xbox ONE. The dashboard that serves as the ONE’s UI looks similiar to the 360’s own UI. Different features were shown such as switching between watching TV to playing games to listening to music, all with simple voice commands.