Xbox One is an All-in-One Entertainment Experience

Microsoft officially announced the arrival of its next-generation console today. Nearly eight years after the release of Xbox 360, Xbox One is set to continue Microsoft’s legacy as a leader in the console space.

In today’s announcement press conference, the company revealed the way Xbox One will integrate all of the media and entertainment experiences players enjoy into a single experience. Using intuitive voice commands or gestures, users can seamlessly switch between games, movies, live TV, web browsing, Skype calls, and listening to music. Microsoft’s Yusuf Medhi walked viewers through some of the advanced features integrated into live TV streams to take the experience to the next level. With an NBA game on, Yusuf spoke a few simple commands to call up his fantasy team and live stats on his favorite players alongside the stream. There were also hints that social features will come into play heavily in the new all-in-one entertainment experience, allowing friends and family to connect through entertainment more than ever before.

As expected, Microsoft let on that they have much more to reveal at this year’s E3.