Xbox Live Evolves With Xbox One

In today’s official Xbox One announcement press conference, Microsoft representatives detailed new evolutions to the Xbox Live service, expected to take multiplayer experiences to new heights.

Microsoft blew the audience away with its announcement that Xbox One will include a dedicated game DVR, allowing players to record any moment of their play sessions, including online games. Players will be able to edit and share videos with their social connections, allowing them to share experiences and brag about epic online victories with more than just a screenshot to prove it. Considered in light of Twitch.tv’s recent introduction of an Xbox app, the new game DVR can rocket consoles and console gamers into the growing world of live streaming of online games and eSports.

The company also revealed a new matchmaking feature for multiplayer games, which will allow players to find the perfect matchup for any game while they use any other Xbox feature. Players can serve for matchups while watching TV or making a Skype call, for example. Finally, the next-generation Xbox One architecture will allow game developers to create larger, more intense multiplayer experiences than ever before, and the company practically dared developers to take their multiplayer experiences to the next level.

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