Xbox One is shown during a press event unveiling by Microsoft in Redmond

Sony’s And Nintendo’s Stock Prices Rise Following Xbox One Reveal

So the Xbox One has finally been revealed and it seems the general consensus of how the whole reveal event went down, is pretty negative. Apparently, the stock market agrees as Sony’s share prices have gone up 8% and Microsoft’s have fallen by around 0.2%, although those figures are constantly changing. Even Nintendo’s stock prices have risen by 2% today.

It may be early days, as E3 is just 19 days away, but it seems the market favors the PS4’s chances over the Xbox One at the moment. Perhaps this shows that Microsoft have relied too heavily on how showing the actual console would get a better reaction than the PS4 event. It will be interesting to watch how the stock prices rise and fall during, and after, E3. Maybe we will have a clear winner then.

Thanks, thesixthaxis