Sony Trolls Microsoft On Twitter, Calls Xbox Reveal Day A “Slow News Day”

Yesterday, just 24 hours before the Xbox reveal conference, PlayStation posted a teaser trailer of the PS4 console with some brief shots of the console. Immediately, the whole internet was buzzing about PS4, taking the spotlight away from Xbox, a smart marketing move.

Today, the PlayStation Europe Twitter account cheekily tweeted a link to the reveal trailer adding “As it’s a slow news day…here it is”. Of course it’s clearly meant as a joke, but it’s just the start of the console wars that will ensue today.



Xbox’s Major Nelson aka Larry Hryb, tweeted “Announce a console without actually showing a console? That’s one approach.” on the PS4 reveal day back in February, so perhaps this is just Sony’s response. Although, that could come later, especially if Microsoft decide not to show the next Xbox today at all.

It’s a bit childish to see competitors fight like this, but we’re sure it’s all in good fun. In just over an hours time we’ll see the next generation of Xbox and what it has to offer that the PS4 can’t. Make sure to check back here to get all the latest news, updates and analysis.

Or if you have no interest in the Nextbox and today really is a slow news day for you, check out the super teasery PS4 trailer below. If you’re not interested in what Sony or Microsoft have to offer…well you might be a bit stuck today. Sorry.

Thanks, Kotaku