Nintendo Parodies Kickstarter with Crowdfarter

One of the more intriguing Wii U titles that is coming out soon is Game & Wario.  Hitting store shelves on June 23rd, Game & Wario is similar to the WarioWare games, but instead having insanely short microgames, Game & Wario is going for a more traditional minigame compilation.  And although Wario games are often extremely weird, a marketing campaign to promote Game & Wario called Crowdfarter might be even weirder.

If you go to, you’ll be directed to a site lampooning a Kickstarter page.  Everything you’d expect to see on a Kickstarter is there but with a little twist: instead of actual money, it’s coins.  And instead of donating money, you can “donate” tweets and Facebook likes.


They even have stretch goals.  If the Crowdfarter reaches 100 katrillion coins, then a new trailer for Game & Wario will be unveiled.  There’s also a short video “promoting” the fake Kickstarter, but it’s actually just a trailer.  Pretty ridiculous stuff, but if any Nintendo character can do this kind of clever and funny marketing ploy, it’s Wario.

Of all the game companies to parody crowdsourcing and Kickstarter, I assumed that Nintendo would have literally been last on that list.  It does seem a bit ironic though; I’m positive if Nintendo did a Kickstarter for any of its major franchises, it would actually make 100 katrillion dollars, regardless of the amount they ask for.

Good on Nintendo for doing this.  For some reason, I imagine Nintendo to be this company that churns out Mario and Zelda games in the confines of its office, oblivious to the happenings of the world.  Obviously this isn’t true, but I still have that perception.  Nintendo really marches to the beat of its own drum, so it’s refreshing to see a bit of trolling coming from a traditional Japanese developer.

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