Microsoft Announces Next Generation Xbox (LIVE UPDATES)

Today, at their headquarters in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft announced the new version of their Xbox home console, dubbed the Xbox One.

The console’s physical hardware is very rectangular, seemingly larger than the 360. Black and grey. New version of Kinect shares the more mechanical hard-ware design.

Focus appears to be on multimedia entertainment, powered by a Windows 8 OS kernel. Kinect can  be used to switch between different forms of media, including live television and Skype. Speaking of live television, an in-depth channel guide interface was shown, which Microsoft seemed very excited about. No details were given on how this live television integration will actually work.

The console will include a blu-ray drive and USB 3.0. Powered by 8GB of RAM, an 8-core CPU, and a 500GB HDD. The faster hardware will allow for “instinatious” switching between games and apps.

Next Kinect is apparently “rocket science stuff”, no announcement regarding the rumored Xbox Rocket. The new camera can sense “emotion” and weight distribution.

The new controller features a redesigned d-pad and rumble functionality inside the triggers.

Similar to the PS4, the Xbox One can save your gameplay to the cloud. No exact details given.

EA and Microsoft announced a partnership for future EA Sports titles. Andrew Wilson, the head of EA Sports, unveiled the new engine powering these games, EA Sports Ignite. Gameplay snippets from future sports titles were shown, graphical fidelity is clearly higher although it’s unclear whether this is in-engine or CGI.

Forza Motorsports 5 announced via a brief trailer. Certainly looks next-generation.

“Quantum Break” by Remedy Software announced. Attached to a Xbox original television show. Hopefully it’ll be cancelled after a season so Remedy can just go make a Alan Wake sequel.

15 “exclusive first party” games within the first year of Xbox One’s life.

“Xbox is about to become the new watercooler,” says a former CBS and Warner executive. More original television content is coming, including a live-action Halo webseries created in collaboration with Stephen Spielberg. Perhaps even more importantly, live sports are coming to the Xbox One via a new partnership with the NFL. Like most announcements today, not a whole lot of exact details were given, only vague statements about “fantasy football coming to life” and “integrating your favorite NFL team with your dashboard”.

“I’m pleased to announce…that we’ll be launching the Xbox One……………….later this year.” GEE THANKS DON.

Call of Duty: Ghosts shown. Early downloadable content for all Call of Duty titles. Story written by the writer of Traffic. The trailer shown looks like a prettier Call of Duty. New dog squad mate. Greater emphasis on mobility and animation details. The multiplayer maps will feature destructible elements and more personalization.

“The most emotionally engaging Call of Duty we’ve ever made. The best Call of Duty we’ve ever made.”

Event over. Now just nineteen days until we hear more about the Xbox One at E3. Maybe we’ll actually see games.

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