forza 5

Forza 5 Has Been Officially Announced and Dated

Forza 5, the latest sequel and follow up to highly acclaimed Forza 4, will be available at the Xbox One’s launch.

The next-gen Forza 5 with show weather damage, night and day cycles and intense online racing via the new Xbox Live’s 300,000 additional servers. Additional car damage will also be included in Forza 5 thanks to next-gen capabilities.

Not much else is known about Forza 5 as of now other than it will fully utilize and manipulate the Xbox One’s reinvigorated and advanced internal architecture and also launch with the new Xbox One which has not been dated for drop as of yet.


A short teaser depicts a fast racing car with a roaring engine and an English commentator talking over the action in a Tropical set course. More information about Forza 5 will surely be spilled at E3.

Forza 5 and the Xbox One is confirmed to released ‘Later this year’ which means on or around Christmas this year as to compete with the hotly announced PS4 that is dropping Holiday 2013. So look out for Forza 5 very soon.